Sunday 2 June 2013

Begin with Oven...

I’m not kidding.  Choosing an oven can be quite a daunting task.  I started to do research on oven months back by studying the specification, reading comments and reviews from various online forums.  I was surprised to learn that there're so many features and functions available in built-in-ovens.  Well I know I sounded quite ignorance... it's because I've been living with my Sona Oven for 7 years.  It’s a table-top oven slightly bigger than a toaster. It has only a very basic heating element at the top and bottom.  As compared with a basic built-in oven, it has got more than just a basic heating element at the top and bottom, it also comes with fans on the both side as well as at the back. 

After I have studied and compared the specification of various brands in order to fully know what I really want.  I have finally decided that I'll just need a very basic built-in oven that comes with fans control.  I don't need one that comes with hydro baking, pizza setting as well as self-cleaning functions that will burn the stains on the walls to ashes, as I'm quite sure I won't be doing a lot of roasting and grilling.

Finally I have decided that Bosch HBN331E2J is my choice of oven after reading many good reviews about it.

> Capacity: 67 litres
> 5 Heating matters
   *Top and bottom heat
   *3D hot air
   *Bottom heat
   *Hot air grilling
   *Full width variable grill
> EasyClean enamel coating
> Electronic clock with timer
> Double glazed glass door
> Heating up indicator
> Energy efficiency class: A-20%
> Country - Germany technology

> Made in Turkey
> Retail Price: $719


  1. It looks like it's meant for a professional --many happy and sweet hours of baking...

  2. Hi, i am also looking for this oven. may i know where did u get yours?

    1. Hi Lois
      I bought it from Best Denki. I was at Best Denki 2 weekend ago and it's still displaying. Quick, go and get it :)

  3. Hi amy! How has the oven been doing for u now that it has been almost a year? Is it hard to clean up after grilling? Does the oven heat spread evenly? Im looking to buy this model as well.

  4. Hi Amy, I am also looking at purchasing this model. Any feedback on it?

  5. Hi Amy, I am also looking at a built-in oven, what is your review so far? thanks for sharing ~~