Monday, 8 July 2013

Oreo Chocolate Chips Muffins

The great thing about making your own cake is knowing exactly what had gone inside your ingredient.

My sibling and I feel that the texture of this muffin is more on the dry side.  But my hubby and kids think they were good and enjoyed it very much.  Personally I'd prefer the very moist muffins...

The recipe required to bake the muffins at a very high temperature of  210° C for the initial few minutes.  The reason given is that the few minutes of high temperature will provide a crucial rise to help to form that beautiful dome.  I don’t find the tip is useful as problem lies on individual oven.  All oven are in different temperature control.  

For my case, the outcome of my muffin turned up to be hard on the outer layer.  I followed what the recipe said to bake muffins at 220°C for first 5 minutes and then turned the temperature down to 190°C for next 25 minutes.

If you prefer muffin more on the dry side, this recipe is for you.  However, I would recommend to maintain temperature at 180°C for about 22 minutes so the outer layer will not be so crusty.

Also, I realised that no butter is needed.  The recipe replaced butter with corn oil.  There must be some reason for that and I have yet to find out why.  Can anyone tell me why?  However, I used corn oil for sponge cake and I simply love the texture.


330g  Plain Flour
4 tsp  Baking Powder
1 tsp  Salt

2  Eggs
200g  Sugar
240ml  Milk
120ml  Corn Oil
½ tsp  Vanilla Extract


1.    Preheat oven to 220°C (425°F).  Line the paper cups on the muffin tray.

2.    Beat briefly (A) in a bowl to mix.

3.    Mix (B) in a medium bowl - eggs and sugar first, followed by the rest.

4.    Add (B) to (A). Fold gently to combine - until no streaks of flour remain. The batter should look lumpy and thick.

        Combine the ingredients in as few strokes as possible. The less we handle the batter, the fluffier the muffins. Start folding in long, broad strokes, scraping the ingredients from the bottom of the bowl in an upward motion. 

5.    Spoon batter into prepared muffin cups.  Would recommend to bake the muffin at 180°C for 22 minutes.

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  1. Hi Amy, was browsing through this post. These ingredients - choc chips and oreo cookies weren't listed.