Wednesday 7 August 2013

Black Pepper Chicken


Here is another dish which I frequently cooked over the weekend.

There’s no special or secret recipe for all the dishes I made.  As a working mum, I source for easy, simple and fast fix recipe that my family can enjoy at home.


1.   3 pcs chicken thigh meats (remove the skin and cut away all the fat)

2.   1 tbsp of black pepper sauce (your choice of brand, for me I used Woh Hup).  Mix black pepper sauce with 1 tsp of water.

3.   Marinate the chicken thigh meat with the sauce for at least few hours.  For me, I usually will marinate for 5-8 hours.

4.   Arranged the thigh meats on a pan that can fix into the Air Fryer.  Air fry at 180 Deg ˚C for about 25 mins and mid-way turn around the meats.

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