Sunday 22 September 2013

Strawberry Flavor Ombre Birthday Cake


I love cream decorated cake.  It’s simply so marvelous.

When I saw Joyce from Kitchen Flavour did this cake for her daughter, I was so inspired and decided to do a similar one for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

Ombre refers to shaded tones of the same color assembled from light to dark, forming color gradient.  So is this cake of mine an Ombre Cake??

Although my piping technique is not so skillful, I have to admit that I’m rather proud of how this cake turned out. 

 It looks so pretty and so sweetly romantic…

As for the cake itself, I’m using my Chiffon Cake recipe, which I think it makes a better sponge cake.  It’s extremely puffy and soft, and light too.  

I baked two 7" cakes and formed a 4-layered cake with 2 tone of pink.  

 But I've to confess that I had used quite a bit of artificial ingredient.  I used Strawberry oil from LorAnn Oils to gave out strawberry flavor in the cake, and food coloring from Wilton.  

Personally I prefer to use whipping cream to frost cake as whipped cream is light and fluffy.  I feel that butter cream or cream cheese is a bit overpowering and the texture is a little heavy on a light cake although it’s delicious. 

Here is the recipe for whipped cream frosting.

To make a stiff icing, mix in a little gelatine.

4 tsp   Water
1 tsp   Gelatine or Walton Stabiliser Gel

Stir water and gelatine together and mix well.  Microwave it until it’s cleared.  Cooled and set aside.

400g  Heavy cream
60g    Powdered sugar


(1)Whip the whipping cream until it’s medium stiff.

(2)Pour in the gelatine and continue to bit until it’s stiff.

(3)Divide the whipped cream into 2 and mix 1 with food colouring.  Amount of shade will depend on individual liking.

(4)Insert piping tip into the piping bag.  For this cake, I’m using Walton 1M tip to pipe the rosette.  Fill 2 sets of whipped cream into 2 different piping bag.

(5)Before you start the piping, spread every layer of cakes with plain whipped cream.  Then coat the whole cake with a thin layer of plain whipped cream.  (I have missed out the pic for the coated cake)

Put the stainless steel whipping bowl and the whisk into the freezer for at least 30mins before you start whipping the cream.


  1. Hi Amy,
    Happy Belated Birthday to your sister-in-law.
    Your cake is very beautiful and so sweet looking.
    You did a great job with the piping.
    Thank you for the shout-out.
    Like you, I have always prefer fresh cream, and usually I would not eat the buttercream.
    Hope you have a wonderful delicious week!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I'm admiring all the pretty roses on your cake. Very nice and romantic!

    Happy birthday to your sis-in-law!