Sunday 13 October 2013

Soy Bean Pudding


The first time when I made this was like one over years ago and I have been doing it quite regularly since then.  It has become my family a “must have” dessert after dinner.

This is not traditional bean curd.  It is totally different from what we used to eat from market hawker centre or Mr Bean.

Many hawkers in Singapore have jumped into this Soy Bean Pudding bandwagon.  Personally I have never been a fan for traditional bean curd but I gladly like this.  The taste is rather similar to 老伴豆花.

It has to be eaten cold.  It’s so silky smooth, creamy and tender.  It melts into the mouth instantly.  Eat it when it is well chilled.

There are many version of recipe on the internet but for this, I got it from my colleague, Pwee Inn.  She’s so kind to share with me his grandmother’s recipe and I have got her permission to post the recipe on my blog.

This is a very refreshing dessert.  
I believe you will love it.


3 litres       Water
1 tbsp         Agar Agar powder 
                   (preferably Rose or Swallow Brand)
250g           Sugar (I have reduced it to 200g)
2                 Pandan leaves
225g           Coffeemate  (I replaced this with Anlene Milk Powder)
175g           Soy bean powder (Polleney brand)


Mix Water, Agar Agar powder and Sugar and boil it with pandan leaves.  When boil, quickly remove mixture from heat.

Remove the pandan leaves and add coffeemate (or milk power) when the mixture is still hot.  Continue to stir until the milk powder is completely dissolved.  

Leave mixture to cool until it lukewarm.  Add in soy bean powder and stir until powder is completely dissolved.  

You'll see many small lumps floating on the mixture.  To get rid of those lumps, sieve it several times so that the texture will be smooth and silky.

Pour the mixture into individual container.  Pour it gently to avoid forming bubbles.  Chill them in the fridge.  

Serve when it is chilled.  


I’m submitting this post for Little Thumbs Up.  The theme is Soy Bean for October.


  1. Hi Amy,

    Pwee Inn and you should start a business selling these puddings! I reckon they might be more popular than Mr Bean :p


  2. What a beautifully smooth and silky pudding!

  3. Hi Amy,
    A lovely dessert! And healthy too!

  4. Hi Amy, this is a lovely dessert! I want to try it too :)

  5. Hi Amy,
    Such a silky smooth dessert.
    Its healthy and yummy!!
    Thanks for sharing this to LTU!