Wednesday 5 February 2014

Cake for a girlfriend

I feel sense of satisfaction when someone tasted your cake and said “Nice!”. 
 This is one of the birthday cakes which I think it’s the best done so far.  It was baked specially for Faith, a sister-in-Christ on her birthday in January.
The sponge cake recipe was taken from a cookbook, which my brother brought it for me during his Taiwan trip.  I’m not able to provide the recipe as it’s in Chinese and I have difficulty to translate or type them out word by word. 

 However, the least I could do is to provide the title of the cookbook. 
65款手作经点蛋糕 by 陈明利 & 何国熙老师。

Here’s the cake that was all prettied up for celebration.


  1. That's a really gorgeous cake, you did a wonderful job! Not sure if I wished you yet, but Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family. All the best in the Yr of the Horse.

  2. Hi Amy,

    You are so sweet baking this gorgeous cake for Faith :D

    I'm hopeless too with Chinese language and translation. Sama sama... hee hee

    Btw, about your lemon cake question... Although the method to bake this light lemon cake is quite similar to chiffon cake baking, the texture of the cake is not like chiffon cake. It tastes like the lighter kind of pound cake and with lots of lemony taste.



  3. Hi Amy,
    Your cake is so beautiful! You are a fantastic baker!
    Faith is very lucky to have such a lovely birthday cake!
    I can't read Chinese either! :(

  4. oh this looks absolutely divine.

  5. That's such a pretty cake! All that fruit - it must be healthy :-)