Monday 21 July 2014

Strawberry Hokkaido Cake 北海道牛奶蛋糕


Hokkaido Chiffon Cake is well known for its soft and cottony texture.  It is basically small chiffon cake in a pretty and nice squarish cup liner.  The cake is filled with either custard or whipped cream and garnished with fruits.
This is a very pretty cake and it’s also very popular cake that most home bakers will attempt.  So here I am, also hopped on the bandwagon and joined in.  But I’m using my chiffon cake recipe instead. 
Look! Look! Look! I’m very satisfied and pretty proud of the outcome as it turned out so perfect and was well received.  But, but, but… guess what I have missed out on the final product?  Hahaha!  Yes.  I’ve forgotten to dust the cake with powder sugar!

Here you go the Chiffon Cake recipe which I adapted from 65手作经点蛋糕 .  As for the strawberry cream, I have adapted from Domestic Goddess Wannabe & nasilemaklover

80g         Egg yolk
40g         Castor sugar
30g         Vegetable oil
40g         Fresh milk
100g       Cake Flour
3g            Baking powder

120g       Egg white
80g         Castor Sugar (I reduced it to 40g)
2g            Cream of Tartar

Strawberry Cream
180g       Whipping cream (I’ve reduced to 150g)
35g         Sugar (I skipped)
135g       Strawberry puree (I increased it to 170g)

Sieve flour and baking powder together, set aside.

Separate egg yolks and whites and bring to room temperature. 

Place egg yolks in a mixing bowl, add in sugar, in 3 separate additions and with a manual whisk, whisk till the mixture becomes sticky and turn pale.

Drizzle in the oil and milk, whisking at the same time till the mixture is well combine.  Sieve over the flour mixture and whisk until flour mixture is fully incorporated into the batter. 

In a clean, dry mixing bowl, beat egg whites with an electric mixer until mixture becomes frothy and foamy.  Gradually beat in the sugar and beat on high speed until just before stiff peaks.

Add the beaten egg white into the egg yolk batter in 3 separate additions, each time folding gently with a spatula until just blended.

Spoon the batter into the paper cup and bake it in a pre-heated oven of 170˚C for 40-45mins or until the cake surface turns golden brown.

Beat whipping cream with sugar until firm and stiff over a bowl of Iced Water.  (Instead over the Iced Water, I put the stainless steel bowl and the whisk in the freezer for about 20mins)

Cut the strawberry into small pieces and blended into puree.  
Add the puree into the whipped cream and mix well.

Pipe strawberry cream into cupcake and garnish with half of the strawberry.  Dust with icing sugar.

Note:  Refrigerated before consuming.


I’ve just realised the link for Bake Along has closed.  Therefore, I’m submitting this for Cook-Your-Books #14.  The recipe is adapted from 65 手作经点蛋糕.
Cook-Your-Books is organised and hosted
by Joyce of Kitchen Flavour.


  1. Hi Amy,

    Do you want to link this post with bake-along? I can still do it. Drop me a comment if you wish to.

    We have massive no. of chiffon cake submission for our chiffon cake bake-along for the last 10 days. We are happy that this event is very popular :D Your strawberry chiffon cake with strawberry puree cream look very delicious :D

    Forgot to dust icing sugar??? Must be too eager to eat them :p


    1. No worries Zoe.
      Will move on to the next Bake-Along :D

  2. Lovely creation, I do not have much success with this cake yet, for now I'll give it a pass because I have been eating too much chiffon cakes lately lol!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Your HCC looks wonderful! I have yet to give this one a try!
    Thanks for linking with CYB!

  4. Hi I wish I can help myself to these lovely HCC,,,strawberry and whipped cream..hmm.... nice.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Wow! I love yours. They look so delicious with strawberry whipped cream and fresh strawberry topping.

  6. yeah, i saw domestic goddess made with strawberry fillings too, sounds really good...! you did it so well!

  7. Love your cupcakes even without the icing sugar! :D