Sunday 31 May 2015

Coral Seaweed Jelly珊瑚草甜品


Singapore is all-year summer country.  Therefore, a bowl of cooling jelly is always so welcoming to cool-off the hot day.

This is Coral Seaweed Jelly.  It’s very flavourful.  I love it when I ate it the first time at a friends’ gathering.  The texture is like wobbly ice jelly.  It is lightly sweetened. 

 Through my friend’s recommendation, I bought 2 vacuum pack contains 9 cubes in a pack at one of the wellness shop.  It comes with different flavours.  I chose the one contain brown sugar, red dates and longan.  To enhance the flavours further, I have added wolfberries and dry longan to it.

Apparently I heard it contains a lot of benefit.  It contains high in collagen, calcium and iron.  Collagen! This is what it attracted me :P hahaha! It contains a natural water base fibre that aids in digestion and improve the immune system too.

(for 1-2 person)

(1)400ml of water and boil.

(2)Put 1 cube of Coral Seaweed Jelly from the vacuum pack into the boiling water.

(3)Stir until the cube is dissolved.

 (4)When it’s completely dissolved, let it cool down before pouring it into the mould and refrigerate.


It’s still May.  I’m linking it to Best Recipe fpr Everyone.  Theme is My Favourite Desserts organised by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom and co-hosted by Aunty Young

Friday 29 May 2015

Chinese Cabbage, Prawn and Egg Soup


It was a Saturday and only hubby and I were at home.    I was cracking my head what to cook for lunch as we were too lazy to go out in such a hot and humid weather.  I wanted something easy and fast so I could quickly get out of my hot kitchen.
I went through my bookmark on lunch recipe and spotted this from Kimmy, Cooking Pleasure.  Since I have all these ingredients in the refrigerator, without further hesitation, I went ahead to cook this.

This is so simple but yet so tasty.  I really never expected that simple ingredient like these could make such a wonderful soup.  So I decided to put this recipe in my blog.

(For 2-3 persons)
200gm                    chinese cabbage 白菜 – rinsed
and cut them thin shreds.
1 small carrot       peeled and cut it in diagonal shape.
1 egg                      lightly beaten with some pepper
                                and soy sauce to taste
200gm                    shelled and devained the prawn
leaving the tails intact
½ tsp                       salt
750ml                     chicken stock
(I boiled my own chicken stock)
                                dash of pepper and sesame seed oil
                                some fried crispy garlic oil (I skipped)
                                some chopped spring onions

(1)Heat up the chicken soup.  Add in chinese cabbage and carrots.  Let it boiled and cooked until soft or crunchy according to own preference.

(2)Add in the seasoning to taste and add in the prawns to cook.

(3)Once prawns are cooked, pour in the beaten egg in a circular pattern.  Do not stir, just let it cook for 1-2 minutes or until cooked.

(4)Off the heat and serve hot.  Garnish with spring onions.

Friday 8 May 2015

Mango Mini Cheesecake

It’s Bake-Along 4th Anniversary and Congratulation to Joyce, Zoe and Lena for making it thus far!  I’m so glad that I can be part of it to celebrate Bake-Along with you girls and also with the rest of the bloggers.

Here’s my Mango Mini Cheesecake specially made for 
Bake-Along 4th Anniversary.
Pretty?  I think they’re pretty :P  My good friends Serene and Cindy also think they’re pretty.  Taste good? My sister-in-law said it’s very good and the boys commented it’s the best cheesecake hahaha!  My verdict is the mango topping has overpowered the cheesecake.

It was a wonderful and accomplishing bake.  

I’ve been wanted to bake these mini cheesecakes long time ago when I saw it in Anna (My Bare Cupboard)’s blog.  Her cheesecakes were so beautifully done.  
I got these mini cheesecake tins during my last trip to Hong Kong, which I couldn’t find them in Singapore.  I’m so happy that I can use it to bake for this Bake Along.

It’s not difficult to bake cheesecake.  The recipe is easy.  You won’t get wrong with it.  As for mango topping, I used the leftover ready-made mango puree and top up with some cut ripe mango.

Here’s the recipe, which I adapted from My Bare Cupboard with some of my modification.

Happy Bake-Along!!


1.5 cups finely ground graham crackers (I used Digestive biscuits)
3 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1.5 cups plus 5 tablespoon sugar (I reduced to 100g of caster sugar)
Cream Cheese (I used whatever I have balance in the fridge, which is about 315g)
Pinch salt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
4 large eggs, room temperature (I reduced to 3 eggs)


(1)Preheat oven.  Stir together the smash digestive biscuits and butter and press into the bottom of the mini cheesecake tins.  Bake for about 10 minutes.  Transfer the tins to rack to cool.

(2)Beat cream cheese until fluffy.  Gradually add in the sugar.  Mix in salt and vanilla essence until well combined.  Add eggs, one at a time, beat until just combined after each (do not overmix) and scraping the bowl.

(3)Spoon the cream cheese over the crust in each tin.  Bake until set say about 25mins. 

(4)Transfer the tins to the racks to cool completely.  Refrigerate in tins, uncovered, at least 4 hours, remove from tins.  Refrigerate in air-tight containers up to 5 days.

I’m submitting this for Bake-Along 4th Anniversary and the theme is Cheesecake.  
This is organised by 3 beautiful ladies from Kitchen Flavours, Bake For Happy Kids and Frozen Wings.