Sunday 31 May 2015

Coral Seaweed Jelly珊瑚草甜品


Singapore is all-year summer country.  Therefore, a bowl of cooling jelly is always so welcoming to cool-off the hot day.

This is Coral Seaweed Jelly.  It’s very flavourful.  I love it when I ate it the first time at a friends’ gathering.  The texture is like wobbly ice jelly.  It is lightly sweetened. 

 Through my friend’s recommendation, I bought 2 vacuum pack contains 9 cubes in a pack at one of the wellness shop.  It comes with different flavours.  I chose the one contain brown sugar, red dates and longan.  To enhance the flavours further, I have added wolfberries and dry longan to it.

Apparently I heard it contains a lot of benefit.  It contains high in collagen, calcium and iron.  Collagen! This is what it attracted me :P hahaha! It contains a natural water base fibre that aids in digestion and improve the immune system too.

(for 1-2 person)

(1)400ml of water and boil.

(2)Put 1 cube of Coral Seaweed Jelly from the vacuum pack into the boiling water.

(3)Stir until the cube is dissolved.

 (4)When it’s completely dissolved, let it cool down before pouring it into the mould and refrigerate.


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  1. So as Malaysia,all year summer...hahaha
    a plate of refreshing jelly is needed,yours look so tempting