Sunday 12 July 2015

A Durian Birthday Cake

Durian season is here!  You can find durian everywhere, in market and retail fruit stall.   The strong pungent fragrant, it’s either you love it or hate it.  But I guess most people will love it.  It simply drives the durian lovers like me and my hubby crazy :P
D24?  Guess nowadays it’s no longer the best.  Now everybody is going after Mao Shan Wang (Cat Mountain King 猫山王).  It’s the current hottest favourite.  Mao Shang Wang is pricey.  It easily costs average about $15 per kg.  Look at the amount of Mao Shang Wang durians I have on my dining table.  You must be thinking it might cost me a lot on these durians?  Haha!  Not at all.  I didn’t spend a single cent on these durians.  My brother-in-law has Mao Shang Wang plantation in Muar.  Every year, my siblings will get to eat it free.  We’ll either drive to Muar over weekend (about 2.5 hrs drive from Singapore) just to have durians or my brother in law will never fail to pack them in boxes and bring it back for us to enjoy.  
What a blessing!
This is not my 1st time making durian cake.  I have tried making durian puff too.  You can find my blog on durian Here, Here and Here.
My hubby and I simply love the texture of the thick Mao Shan Wang flesh.  It’s rich and creamy.  Its aroma is sweet and has mildly pungent without being overpowering.

This homemade goodness is definitely a cake to impress and to please.
This cake is specially baked for my sister-in-law’s 29th Birthday.  
Wishing her happy and cheerful forever!


  1. Amy, Im just like you, a MSW lover. After having tasted a few varieties...MSW suits me the best...but lucky durians!!! Im gg a lil slow here by buying 1 or 2 durian each visit...hehehe...and of course..your durian cake looked fabulous...i have yet to make my puff n cake cos each time i end up eating all the

  2. Hi Amy,
    Lovely durian cake you've baked. I hardly use durian pulp for baking as I preferred to just eat it ... hee.. hee.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Lovely cake! I love durians! My favourite are the bitter ones. Hahaha! Lucky you, get to eat durian for free!!
    Happy Belated Birthday to your sis-in-law!