Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Baked Grouper with Soy Sauce and Parsley

Love the morning breeze at my balcony which I could oversee a huge playground.

It was just another ordinary Saturday morning and as usual, I woke up around 7am.  Laze a little while in the bed and by the time I set off for marketing, it was like almost 8am.  Hubby and I had a hearty breakfast at the hawker centre before we proceeded to our usual stall to get our weekly stuff.

I don’t cook on weekdays.  So I’ll make a point to cook at least 2 meals on weekends.  My two boys’ schedule is usually quite pack on weekend.  Serving in church already take up the whole Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon is their enrichment day.  

On Sunday, Zaccheus, my elder son will usually play his piano before going for his guitar practice in church and Titus will go for his badminton training.  But I’m glad that they’ll make an effort to have lunch with us before going to church on Saturday and come home on time for dinner on Sunday after their enrichment classes.

As the boys grow older, meal time has become an important time for us as this is the only time that we get together to eat and talk as long as we would like to.  This is also one of the reasons that I’m learning cooking.

I have in mind to do Bake Salmon fillet with Soya Sauce and dill from Yen’s blog – Eat YourHeart Out.  But it is hard and simply not possible to find dill at the market near my place.  Fresh herbs are usually sold in premium supermarket in town.  As I’m staying at the far end of West side in Singapore, can you imagine how troublesome is it to travel from my place to down town?  So instead of using dill, I replaced it with parsley.

I couldn’t get nice Salmon on that morning too.  But I spotted nice piece of Grouper fillet.   Hence, I decided to use Grouper instead Salmon and here you go Bake Grouper with Soy Sauce and Parsley.  

Other than parsley and Grouper, I followed the ingredient and method of doing as stated in Yen’s blog.   I like Yen’s easy fix baked recipe.  It’s very suitable for people like me who has yet to handle the frying pan steadily over the stove.  But I’m learning how to do it.

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  1. Me too having no time to cook on weekdays. Even Though is on lazying weekends, I try to cook a meal or two for my family. We hardly have fish dishes, salmon with less bones would be a good choice for my kids. Your cooking looks healthy.