Saturday 26 March 2016

Honey Brandy Roasted Chicken


I was confused between the difference of roast and grill, so I checked it out and here’s the explanation I got.

*Roast and bake are cooking with heating simultaneously from all sides in the oven.

*Grill is cooked by applying heat from one side and need to turn the meat over frequently.  Usually it is heated from below on a charcoal grill or electric grill pan.  Perfect grilled should have crisp and crackly skin.  Some people will prefer to have a skillet to run through the meat on the grill rotator. 

I like meat to be either roasted or baked.  It is a healthier cooking method as it requires little oil or even no oil at all.  It also captures the flavor and retains the nutrients in the food. 
 Roast chicken is pretty easy to make.  Honey gives out the sticky sweet flavor and with a little brandy added to the marinades, it gives bronze glaze on the chicken and also enhance flavor.

I like this dish very much because the oven does most of the work – cooking and browning.  I don’t have to do anything except flipping the chicken thigh over so that it will be cooked evenly. 

This dish didn’t disappoint me.  It is delicious and finger-lickin’ good.  My family enjoyed it very much.


3 pcs         large chicken thigh

1 tbsp       oyster sauce
2 tsp         light soya sauce
¼ tsp        dark soya sauce
1 tsp         honey
1 tbsp       brandy
                 Pepper to taste

(1)Clean and rinse the chicken thighs; drain and then pad dry with kitchen towel.

(2)Marinade the chicken thighs for about 3-4 hours.

(3)Place in the roasting pan or wire mesh and bake at 190°C for about 20mins or until golden brown.  Turn chicken thigh over and continue to roast until the other side turns golden brown too.

I’m submitting this to March Little Thumbs Up on Honey.  This is organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY and hosted by Joyce of Joy 'N' Escapde.

I’m also submitting this to Bake Along Event #93 on Roasted Chicken organized by Joyce of Kitchen Flavors, Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids  and Lena of Frozen Wings.


  1. Hi Amy, I love this roast chicken of yours. Looks so appetising.

  2. the addition of brandy sounds unique and aromatic ! thanks for sharing, this looks fabulous!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Wow, with added brandy! Looks delicious! Love the brown glazy colour of your chicken!

  4. Hi Amy,

    Great explanation on the difference between grill, roast and bake :) Like how you roast this yummy chicken with a little extra boozy glaze :)