Friday 17 June 2016

The Killer Toast [just one proofing]


Look! Look! Look at this super soft bread.  The texture is so so irresistible.  Amazingly spongy and pillowy soft.
 The last time, I made it plain.  It is so good that I made it again but this time I sprinkle cheddar cheese on the top of the dough and it transformed into a savoury bread that delivered a bounty of cheddar cheese.

[Recipe by Victoria Bakes]

260g                  Bread flour
3g                       Instant dry yeast
160g-180g        Egg + Full cream milk
30g                    Sugar (10g if making a salty toast)
2g                       Salt (6g for salty toast)
30g                    Butter

(1)Mix all ingredients (except butter) together and knead till you get a silky and elastic dough

(2)Incorporate butter and knead till window pane stage (crucial)

(3)Divide dough into 3 or 6 portions, then roll out flat, swiss roll, and place into greased loaf pan

 (4)Rise till dough reaches double the size.

(4)Egg wash the dough and sprinkle cheddar cheese.

(5)Bake in preheated oven of 170°C at the second lowest rack for 45-50 mins, tenting bread with foil if it browns too quickly.



  1. Hi Amy, this killer toast looks so fluffy soft and yummy! I hope to try it out soon.