Tuesday 7 February 2017

Alice's CNY Pineapple Tarts


This is a very special pineapple tarts that I baked for this Chinese New Year!  
It is special because a good friend of mine, who is selling this pineapple tarts, shared her secret recipe with me. 
The texture is totally different from the rest of the pineapple tarts which I used to bake.  It is so soft that literally melts into my mouth.  She even guided me and imparted some useful tips to make it successful.

My brother likes the pineapple tarts that I baked every year and he would never fail to ask for it.  But this year, he commented that the pineapple tarts that I bake is so different from those I used to bake and it is his most preferred one.
This is indeed a secret recipe.  I promised her that I won’t share her recipe on my blog but I will share picture on the outcome of this recipe.

Thanks Alice.  I enjoyed eating and the process of making this pineapple tarts so much!

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