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Baked with Love…. 

I’m Amy, residing in Singapore.  I started to bake and cook in 2013.  Before that, baking or cooking wasn’t my forte.  To someone like me who couldn’t cook a decent instant noodle well in my whole entire life and had actually tried out so many recipes is indeed a great achievement for me.
Subsequently, I decided to explore blogging as a platform to diary my baking and cooking journey, my joy, my story and my valuable food photos and also those precious recipes that I have experimented.  I’m so delighted that through blogging, I have learned a lot of baking and cooking tips and made so many friends of same interest.  

Zoe Liu (Bake for Happy Kids) is my first friend from blogging.  She invited me to bake along with other bloggers and I really learn a lot of knowledge and skill from her.
My family is still my main source of inspiration to take my baking and cooking to another level.  I love to see my husband and children gathering around the kitchen table to see and taste the food.  The aroma from the freshly baked and cooked brings so much joy and laughter in my kitchen.
My siblings and friends are also my greatest source of inspiration.  Their supports and encouragement have motivated me to be more adventurous in trying new things.  I will continue to explore more baking and cooking skills and hope to improve and learn more as I blog further.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please feel free to leave me any comments and I will be happy to share my thoughts with you. 


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