Tuesday 14 November 2017

Walnut Bread


Things got ahead of me and find myself catching up on updating my blog.  This is what happens when you’re stuck with a day job and having to juggle between home, church ministry and work.

Recently God challenged me to face the truth of a situation that I really hit the bottom and I shouted out loud to Him, “God, these whole things are really a shit!  And it didn’t do any justice to me.  The way this person treat me isn’t good and what she said was really hurt and it’s painful.”

I’m generally a cheerful and optimistic person.  I like seeing goods in situation and people.  People and situation in life can be totally disappointing. I hate to dwell with negative thoughts but sometimes I have to be honest to myself when facing the truth in seeing not so good in situation and not so good in people.

I tell myself it’s just another life lessons to learn and let’s forgive, let go and move on…
 After so many days of feeling uninspired to bake, the desire to spend time in baking has come back!  I have few recipes which I want to put them on my blog but I started to feel lazy to updating my blog.  One of the recipes is this Walnut Bread and it’s one of my favourite bread.


A. Dough
230g          High protein flour
50g            Wholemeal flour
35g            Caster sugar
3g               Salt
3g               Instant yeast

180ml       Cold water

30g            Butter
100g          Walnut (chopped)
                   Chocolate nibs (optional)

1)Mix ingredients A until well combined.  Add ingredient B and mix until dough forms.  Add ingredient C and blend until the dough shinny and elastic.

2)Cover the dough and rest in a warm place for 50mins or until double in size.  Divide the dough into 6 portions of 110g each.  Roll into balls and rest for 10mins.

3)Shape into balls again and arrange in a greased baking tray.  Let it rise for another 50mins or until double in size.

4)Sprinkle some sesame on top, bake in a preheated oven at 190°C for 15-20mins or until golden brown.

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