Friday 29 May 2015

Chinese Cabbage, Prawn and Egg Soup


It was a Saturday and only hubby and I were at home.    I was cracking my head what to cook for lunch as we were too lazy to go out in such a hot and humid weather.  I wanted something easy and fast so I could quickly get out of my hot kitchen.
I went through my bookmark on lunch recipe and spotted this from Kimmy, Cooking Pleasure.  Since I have all these ingredients in the refrigerator, without further hesitation, I went ahead to cook this.

This is so simple but yet so tasty.  I really never expected that simple ingredient like these could make such a wonderful soup.  So I decided to put this recipe in my blog.

(For 2-3 persons)
200gm                    chinese cabbage 白菜 – rinsed
and cut them thin shreds.
1 small carrot       peeled and cut it in diagonal shape.
1 egg                      lightly beaten with some pepper
                                and soy sauce to taste
200gm                    shelled and devained the prawn
leaving the tails intact
½ tsp                       salt
750ml                     chicken stock
(I boiled my own chicken stock)
                                dash of pepper and sesame seed oil
                                some fried crispy garlic oil (I skipped)
                                some chopped spring onions

(1)Heat up the chicken soup.  Add in chinese cabbage and carrots.  Let it boiled and cooked until soft or crunchy according to own preference.

(2)Add in the seasoning to taste and add in the prawns to cook.

(3)Once prawns are cooked, pour in the beaten egg in a circular pattern.  Do not stir, just let it cook for 1-2 minutes or until cooked.

(4)Off the heat and serve hot.  Garnish with spring onions.

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  1. Hi Amy, this soup cooked with chicken stock and big prawns is even more flavourful and tasty, hehehe!. My hubby prefers the soup without the crispy fried garlic. Sometimes, I add some glass noodles to it for a light lunch meal.